Girard, Gender, Victims and Violence

The 7th Conference of the Australian Girard Seminar

4th October 2019, 3pm – 5th October 2019, 5pm

St Patrick’s Campus, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Australian Catholic University


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Conference Description: The place of gender in mimetic theory is contested by some feminists, who argue for a distinctive pattern of desiring among women. Feminist scholars also query the extent to which violence and scapegoating are equally attributable to both genders. On the other hand, Girard argued for the universality of mimetic desire while also identifying women as being historically prone to being victimised.

This will be the first conference to focus exclusively on the relationship between gender and mimetic theory. It poses the question of how mimetic theory can be used and extended to analyse gender and violence in 21st-century society. It comes at a time when major public attention regarding violence against women, such in the #MeToo movement, is making gender and violence a major international issue. In this respect, the issue of “victimary” politics will also be explored, especially regarding the position of the victim in public discourse.

Opening Plenary: A plenary on Friday evening, 4th October, will be held on the conference topic. The panel includes:

  • Dr Carly Osborn (University of Adelaide)
  • Rena MacLeod (Australian Catholic University)
  • Assoc Prof Chris Fleming (Western Sydney University)
  • Dr Joel Hodge (Australian Catholic University)
  • Rev. Canon Professor Scott Cowdell (Charles Sturt University)

The conference is open to academics, professionals, practitioners in the field, and anyone interested in engaging in respectful dialogue.

Call for Papers: Paper proposals and panels from any field of study are welcome, particularly as they relate to the conference theme and the work of Girard. Papers are to be strictly of a length for a 20-minute presentation. Panels (of 90 minutes with 3 papers) on a particular theme are also welcome.

Workshop/Seminar Proposals: The organising committee also welcome proposals for practitioner-focused, interactive workshops that relate to the work of Girard or the conference theme. Such sessions could take different forms (e.g., workshop-style, forum, discussion group, panel). Please provide a description and rationale for an inter-active workshop on a particular topic to be facilitated for approx. 45 or 90 minutes.

To submit a proposal (including a title, 300-word abstract, and author details including contact details), please email the conference organisers at or by 2nd September 2019. Registration: Register for the conference at:

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