The Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COV&R, CoVR, ‘Cover’) was founded in 1990 as an international association of scholars dedicated to the exploration, criticism and development of Girard’s mimetic theory and the relationship between violence and religion in the genesis of culture.

COV&R holds annual mid-year conferences, typically in the USA and Europe by turns, also publishing a regular Bulletin and an annual journal: Contagion. Several members of the Australian Girard Seminar are members of COV&R. The executive committee of the AGS encourages members and others to join COV&R, particularly as a COV&R member receives the Bulletin and Journal that keeps you up-to-date with international events, scholarship and conferences.

Thanks to Imitatio, COV&R members also receive complimentary copies of all new titles in the two mimetic theory series published by the Michigan State University Press!

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